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Entries for March 2008

Are your prayer requests sincere, acceptable to God?
by GBC Ministry

The Lord has a voice!  Do you seek to hear Him?  Do you do what He says?

David Sought God's Specific Will - Do You?
by GBC Ministry

It seems that many true, blessed saints have bought into the teaching that the Lord does not have a specific, knowable  and individual will for the Christian's life.  The example of David (as well as the whole of scripture) suggests otherwise.

True Peace Requires Willing, Though Often Difficult, Submission
by GBC Ministry

God's ways are often beyond human comprehension.  When His ways seem "unfair," even "wrong" to human reason, what should the Christian do?

The True Measure of a Man
by GBC Ministry

The choosing of David to be king of Israel tells us as much about his brothers as him.

First Things First
by GBC Ministry

Life can overwhelm us.  And sometimes the Lord's desires for us seem, at first glance, "unreasonable."  However, such is never the case.

Would you be successful?
by GBC Ministry

"How can I be successful?"  Who hasn't ask himself this question?  Well, the Lord is very plain on what is required to be successful and prosper in our life.

Forget not all his benefits....
by GBC Ministry

 As some of you know, I have a perpetual calendar on my desk. Each day has a verse/passage from the Bible. Many times the verse brought to my attention by that calendar is exactly what I need for that particular day! Today is one of those days.
The cares of the world have been pressing upon me recently, and my mind has not been stayed on the Lord as it should be. When this happens, I fall into the trap of thinking on the wrong things. Instead of obeying the gentle exhortation of Philippians 4:6-8 to “Be careful [i.e., “full of care”] for nothing,” and to think about “whatsoever things are true, …honest, …just, …pure, …lovely, …of good report, …virtue, …praise,” I begin to dwell on my circumstances and, in view of these, my personal and undeniable shortcomings.
The problem is obvious, of course (once I open my spiritual

Spiritual, But Lost
by GBC Ministry

 Stephen Prothero, chair of Boston University's department of religion, commented on a recent survey, the massive U.S. Religious Landscape Survey undertaken by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, in Monday's (March 10, 2008) edition of USA Today.  He suggested that the data indicate a fundamental transformation of American religion.  Of particular interest to me were his comments on those who responded "None" when asked for their religious affiliation.  Regarding this group,

God's Order For Blessing
by GBC Ministry

 Listen to the Holy Spirit speak through the Psalmist:

Discovering The Lord's Will
by GBC Ministry


Instruction from a blessed and proven saint.


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