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Entries for April 2008

A challenge to all true Believers: “What kind of saint are you?”
by GBC Ministry

Where's your heart?  There's your god!

The Power of Stillness
by GBC Ministry

I have been rebuked by the Lord today for not truly standing beneath His ordained burdens for my life.  The rebuke came through a copy of a devotional given to me by one of my sons who was not even aware of my personal struggles at the time.  I share it in the hope that the Lord might use it to bless you as well.

Two Words; Infinite Wisdom
by GBC Ministry

To "wait on the Lord," as the Believer is so often exhorted to do by God's Word, is not a complacent "hanging about" for something to happen.  Rather, it is a spiritual labor, a fruit of God-honoring faith.

Are you limiting God?
by GBC Ministry

 Many Christians fail to reap the Lord's full blessing in their lives because they "dictate" to God.  Are you one of them?

“…my judgment is just, because….”
by GBC Ministry

The Believer can be sure his or her decisions and choices will be blessed of the Lord!  The Lord's example teaches us how.

Ten Times
by GBC Ministry

How exact are God's records of man's sins?  Just as exact will be His final judgments!

"The wrath of man shall praise thee"
by GBC Ministry

The wisdom of those who have passed faithfully before us should provoke both our praise and meditations.  Such is the case with the commentary shared below.  Praise God for His matchless grace and power.

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