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Various forms of man-centered psychological thinking permeate much of the professing church's doctrine and practices. The following link is to an article that I feel brings a proper biblical perspective to this issue. But before I give you the link, I will share the article's conclusion. Please read this for your blessing, and share it for the blessings of others.

"It is apparent from this brief look at some of the major events recorded in Genesis that sin has wreaked havoc in every area of our lives. Our attitudes towards God, others, and ourselves are marred by self-interest so that our relationships with God, family and friends cannot be totally satisfactory or fulfilling. People are continually trying to improve and heal themselves by seeking the services of doctors, psychologists, gurus, and so on. Even though most people will not acknowledge it, they are trying to become what man was created to be—a reflection of God’s image.

"There is only one way to find emotional health and satisfying relationships and only one way that deep, lasting change can occur in a person’s life.

"When we receive Christ Jesus the Lord we become new creatures (Colossians 2:63:102 Corinthians 4:165:17). The Holy Spirit then works in our lives to make us more and more like Christ (Romans 8:29), who is the image of God (Colossians 1:15). This process continues throughout our Christian life; one day it will be complete, and God’s plan will have been fulfilled (1 John 3:2)."

Link: http://creation.com/psychology-and-genesis


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